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This Virat Kohli TVC Has More Goof-Ups Than Feature Films, And We Are Not Joking!

Being the captain of Indian Cricket Team is not a child’s play. With the responsibility on your shoulders, you have to take many things into consideration, the strategy, the attacking and many more other things.

Keeping aside these things, the perk of being the captain of Indian Cricket Team is the lime and to promote the brands in TV commercials.

As being an avid cricket lover, I was too watching India Vs England match on TV in my office (shhh don’t tell this to my boss :p). What attracted my attention more than Yuvraj hitting those sixes and fours, was the Valvoline TV commercial which features Virat Kohli.

Yes! You read that right. A tv commercial more than Yuvraj Singh’s distant hits. The ad features Indian Cricket Team Current Captain, Virat Kohli.

In the advertisement, Virat Kohli is trapped on a mountain then a gentleman gives him a lift in his truck, which in turn stuck on the way due to a landslide. And just like that, the chain continues until Kohli is reached to the venue where he has to play a match. Just on time. Thanks to Valvoline.
Now, with this, it raises my eyebrows.
1) What was Kohli doing on a mountain when he has to play a match?
2) Who will be making the strategy for the match?
3) Did Kohli presence was not confirmed before?
4) What made Kohli to not reach the venue with his team-mates?
5) Substitute players can be considered if Kohli presence was not confirmed.
6) Lastly, as soon as Kohli enters the ground, he is seen hitting a six. Has the match been started earlier? If not, then who was present for the toss?

By watching the ad it looks like:

1) Valvoline has run out of all the revenue by signing Kohli for their commercial.
2) They had underpaid their copywriter for the ad. So does their frustration is seen.
3) Valvoline was so confident on their writers that they didn’t want to proofread the script. And
4) They were on a tight budget.

No matter what was the reason, the ad fails on every logic. Watch it for yourself.

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