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No Fear No Favour

This video is a proof of why Harley Davidson is the toughest bike in the world!

As we all get fascinated after seeing Harley-Davidson in front of our eyes but what restricts us from affording it is its high & expensive price.

You might have seen people gossiping that it’s better to afford a luxurious four wheeler car then a two wheeler Harley because as per their thought car is much better option for the sake of self-security into the provision of accidents.

From now for the people who are going through this article will understand that why Harley is way better than a four wheeler car and will also understand why Harley is very expensive.

This collision video between Harley-Davidson and a car will surprise you for sure that after collision there was no dent in Harley but the car jumped 2-3 steps beyond its initial position.

Watch the video here:

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