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This town in Germany is physically splitting in two-pieces

There’s a popular saying, “Don’t mess with the mother nature”, and if you do, get ready to pay. And something similar is happening in this town of Germany who is facing a “splitting” problem.Whenever human minds have pushed the limits of mother nature, there is some sort of trade-off which could be something serious, or minor. And no one wants to chop their own leg with an axe, which exactly this town in Germany is facing.

A drilling mistake, which was started to extract natural sources from the ground, is now a ticking time bomb for the residents of the Germany.

A town in Staufen in Germany has sticky stapes on their buildings in local buildings which translates to “Staufen must not fall apart”. The government in Germany wanted to bore for geothermic energy for that they bored, in total, seven boreholes. Underneath of Staufen is a big layer of anhydrite and underneath that is a layer of groundwater in a confined aquifer. The pressurized groundwater went into the layer of anhydrite and formed gypsum which expands by about 50 percent. Which means the ground is expanding and bulging up and forming cracks in almost every single house that’s standing there.

Watch the video here:

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