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No Fear No Favour

This Short Horror Film By Vikram Bhatt Will Give You Some Terrifying Nightmares

When the lights go out, and darkness reigns supreme, evil spirits rejoice.Ashuman beings, fear of the dark is one of our most primal instincts. The fear has remained with us through several stages of evolution. This proves that indeed, darkness is something to be afraid of. It’s rational to assume that there’s always something lurking in the corner of your room where light finds it impossible to reach. So think twice before opening your cupboard under the blanket of darkness.

If this little paragraph did not instill enough fear in you, I encourage you to watch Vikram Bhatt’s film. The film, ‘Let’s Play’, uploaded by Largeshortfilms, has everything from an eerie atmosphere, an unknown spirit and quite a few jump scares. Fair warning though: Sound sleep NOT guaranteed.

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