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This Real Life Barbie Doll Who Was Once Bullied For Her Hair And Body Colour.

Have you ever come across someone so beautiful that you think she’s a doll? Excluding babies, of course. Well, recently, people on Twitter were baffled by the beauty of a Sudanese-Australian model and many thought she was a Barbie! Nyadak Thot, who rose to fame on Australia’s Next Top Model when she was just 17, shared a photo of herself on Twitter and people went berserk, some even questioned if she was real.

With amazing poise and her Barbie-esque figure, you seriously can’t blame anyone. But there is more to her than her smooth skin and long silky black hair. The 21-year-old model who goes by the name of Duckie is a charming personality with a heartwarming smile. Today, a prominent name in the international fashion industry, her journey has not been a bed of roses.

After going through harrowing experiences of bullying and racial slurs, she finally opened up about her bad experiences. In a post on Instagram that went viral in December last year, she shared about her struggle and humiliation she had to face because of her natural hair and skin colour. She also highlighted how difficult it was to find skilled stylists who are familiar with her hair texture and type. During the photoshoot for a popular ad campaign, she was insulted by a former US Top Model contestant, Winnie Harlow who called her ‘cauliflower head’.
The frontrunner on the 2013 season of Australia’s Next Top Model was also humiliated during the show. “I was extremely upset and embarrassed that they ‘didn’t know how’ to cornrow my natural hair when at the end of the day that’s their job. I sat in front of the mirror silently crying before my shoot doing my own hair, cameras rolling while all the other girls had hair stylists,” Mashable reported.

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