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This pilot proofs McDonald’s as ‘Jee lalchae raha na jae’

Last Saturday Evening, a bizarre incident was reported in Sydney, Australia.  A resident near McDonald’s  in Sydney, got shocked of his life as he saw a helicopter landing on the lawn around 4 pm.

It is very common to witness people getting out of trains and buses to grab some food for satisfying their hunger. But a pilot took his hunger to another level when he came out of his Helicopter to get some food from McDonald’s. This was his love for McDonald’s or his starve, which is yet to be answered.

But a video captured by someone is going viral showing this chopper landing on the lawn near McDonlad’s. As shown in the video,  a pilot comes out of the chopper and move towards McDonald’s, he returns with brown take away bag, stops for a while to take picture of his helicopter and then flies away.  In this video you can hear a person saying in the background, “I thought it’s an emergency”.

After this  incident a man claiming himself the same pilot, said he had the permission to land the premises. He added, “Every now and then we do that sort of stuff,” he identified himself as “Dan.” But officials are yet to confirm the identity of Pilot.

If Australian media reports are to be considered then cell phone footage is reviewed and landing and taking off is being investigated. Whereas a spokesperson from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority said, “that the landing was not technically illegal, if the pilot had permission from the owner of the land”.

This is not the first astonishing incident related to Iron birds(aircraft), a few days back another incident from Pakistan became the talk of the town, when a pilot of Pakistan Airlines was sleeping in business class, during the flight to London.

Adding on to this list of bizarre incidents, you must recall that incident when Sonu Nigam took his profession to another level and started singing in aircraft, using microphone of cabin crew, later all members of cabin crew were suspended by Jet Airways.

These incidents can cause alarming situations, So these happenings should be investigated seriously.


Here is the full video:-

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