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This New Police Station In Kochi Turns Itself Into A Palace For Kids, And You Gonna Love It

With what will parents coax their disobedient child if the police turn child-friendly? What if police stations are a place of recreation for children, let alone scaring them? A police station in Kochi’s Kadavanthara, Kerala, has done what one might think as insane against conventional status-quo. With a crib, toys including a huge duck, a see-saw and a mattress for mothers in a restroom, the station has turned more like a playschool rather than a Police station.

With the increase in crime involving children, the Deputy Police Commissioner of Kochi, Yathish Chandra, said that the project has an aim to improve community policing and to make policing more accessible as well as child-friendly. The station will have an interior makeover so as to accommodate a designated area as the day-care centre.  The move is likely to make a likeable place for children with drawings and wallpapers that appeal to them.

According to senior police officers, the station will also have drawings and wallpapers which are appealing to children. The move will help make the police station a likeable place, they said.

“There was a bit of a space crunch at the Janamaithri police station. We, however, managed to convert the visitors’ room into space where kids who are required to come to the police station can relax,” said a police officer.

According to the deputy commissioner, if the experiment is successful it would be extended to other police stations in the city. “Our aim is to give a school like feel to police stations. Children will now be able to interact with police officers as freely as a student talks to teachers,” said Chandra, adding that the project is one of the chief minister’s pet projects.

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