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This Muslim Woman Selling Shiv Lingams Proves How Strong Out Nation Is

Meet Alam Ara, a Varanasi resident who is making Shiv Lingams for the past 17 years for a living. That the country is divided into ‘Hindu-Muslim’ conflict, Alam Ara believes that the divide is a waste of time and that we all are Hindustanis.

“Making Shiv Lingams is a god-gifted art and we make it with love”, Ara told ANI. She considers her art as a way to earn her daily bread. When probed if religion was ever an obstacle to make shiv-lingams, she doesn’t agree.
“”This is our daily bread. When it comes to our art, we aren’t Hindus or Muslims. We’re Indians first and always,” Alam Ara told ANI.

While ‘hum sab ek hain’ has become a forgotten phrase, we need people like Alam Ara to remind us that religion has got nothing to do with employment and that we’re Indians first and that we should follow religion later.

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