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This Mother Appealing People Not To Vote For Her Son-in-law

If educational qualification is something to go by then, becoming a politician in India would be nowhere in the list to be seen. It’s a naked truth, out in the public domain, that politicians having coldest of cases against them, and many of them were proved in the court of law, are sitting on the most powerful seat one can have.

It’s not only we failed as a citizen of the country who put them into such a powerful position but also failed our country as well.

The other aspect of getting hold of that power position is to manipulate the investigation against them. In the same list of corrupt, criminal and muscle power politician added another name, Amanmani Tripathi who is contesting elections as an independent candidate from the Maharajgunj district’s Nautanwa town in Uttar Pradesh.

Who is Amanmani Tripathi

Amanmani Tripathi is the son of former UP minister Amarmani Tripathi. Initially, he was given a ticket by Samajwadi Party to contest elections but Uttar Pradesh CM, Akhilesh Yadav, cancelled the ticket and now contesting as an independent candidate.

Amarmani Tripathi with U.P CM Akhilesh Yadav

Why Is Police After Him? What’s The Case Is All About

It all goes back to the 9th May 2003, when the father, Amarmani Tripathi, gunned down the poetess Madhumita Shukla in a farm house with whom he allegedly had an affair. The Post-Mortem report of Madhumita revealed that she was carrying a foetus that matched the DNA of Amarmani, and he and his wife Madhumani Tripathi were sentenced to life imprisonment in October 2007.

Following his father’s footstep, son, Amanmani Tripathi, had also found his way to the police record. His name came into the public forum when he grew suspicion of murdering his own wife, Sara Singh.

What’s The Case?

Amanmani was arrested by the CBI in November for allegedly killing Sara, whom he married in 2013 against his family’s wish.

In 2015 the family members of Sara Singh claimed that Amanmani had killed Sara by creating a scene of a road accident. Their allegations were based on the post-mortem report which suggested that Sara’s lungs and chest bones were damaged before she died.

There were also many injury marks on her body which suggested that he had tortured and killed her before making it look like a road accident.

After Seema had demanded a CBI probe from CM Akhilesh Yadav, the matter was referred to the central agency which took over the probe from UP Police.

The Video Made By Seema Singh

The video that Seema posted went viral on social media. Seema was seen crying and pleading the Nautanwa residents to not vote for Amanmani. She said that it was Amanmani who killed her daughter in Firozabad.

She also claimed that he killed Sara with the help of his father, mother and sisters. She pleaded with everyone to not sympathise with him and his family.

Soon after the video released, it went viral on social media and created a sensation in Nautanwa.

This is not a new incident where people with criminal records have contested in elections and even got elected from their respective constituencies. What is different in this case is that the person in question has not been elected yet.

Watch the video here:

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