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This little boy is friends with fearsome monkeys

India is truly a land of miracles! Every now and then, incidents that are hard to believe are reported from various parts of the country. In one of its kind incident, a one-and-a-half-year-old boy has befriended monkeys and feeds them regularly in Hubli. Yes, this 18-month old kid has not only befriended these monkeys but is also woken up by them every morning. The incident was reported from Karnataka’s Hubli. The family of this boy said that he is woken up by monkeys every day at 6 in the morning who return after playing and are fed by him. The family added that this boy has never been bitten them. Few images of this boy playing with the monkeys were also shared on social media platforms and have gone viral since then.

This is not the first time when an incident like this has been reported. Earlier this year, in a strange event, it was reported that a monkey in Southern India has ‘adopted’ a homeless dog. The rhesus macaque has taken the abandoned dog under its wing – and now the pair is inseparable. As per the reports, the monkey is so close to the dog that their bond is unbreakable. The duo goes everywhere together and are the talk of Erode, Tamil Nadu in southern India.


Their bond was shared in a series of touching photographs, viewed 170,000 times on Facebook. These pictures show the rhesus macaque feeding, cleaning and protecting the tiny puppy as though it were its own baby. Another shot shows the monkey picking dirt and fleas off the little dog, in a cleaning session in the middle of the street. Bizarrely, he even clutches the puppy to its chest as it leaps from a tree – as the dog holds on!
The monkey also shows its aggressive side, bearing its teeth to frighten off a stray dog. People who have seen them all spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their bond as the most caring thing in the world,
The bond is so strong that when a bowl was put out for the pair, the monkey reportedly stepped back and let the little puppy eat its fill first. As it ate, the monkey stood over the puppy, sheltering it from danger. Now, that is one big mothering soul.

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