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This Judge’s Witty Judgement Is Making All The Headline, And We Are Quite Amazed

In a country like India where moral policing is considered to be the sole responsibility of every people, and if caught, will be shamed, humiliated and beaten by self-proclaimed ‘Parmpara ke rakhwaale’ gang. What could have been worse when walking in a park with a girl raises eyebrows from around you. Now you can easily expect what could happen when people would try to make love.

In Ohio, USA, A couple was caught having sex in the park and were brought to court for their indecent behaviour. Had it been any other judge there would have been some serious reckoning. Judge Cicconetti however, being as awesome as he is, decided to teach a lesson that is more productive.

He sentenced the couple to clean the entire park, including clearing off all the used condoms. In addition to this, they were to apologise via a newspaper advert to the whole park and the people who saw their vivid display of passion. Now that is some justice served!

This is not the first time Judge Cicconetti resorted to such innovative punishments. When a woman was heartless enough to leave 35 kittens in the forest in winter, he punished her by sending her off in the forest with no food, water or tent. She only had one leniency allowed to her, she could make a fire to keep warm.

Another instance of hilarious justice served was when a man abused police by calling them pigs. The judge punished the man to stand at the street corner holding a 170 kg pig with a signboard saying ‘This is not a police officer’.

That’s some witty and fast judgment.

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