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This is how world media reacts on Delhi’s pollution crisis

Breaking all the bars of toxicity in Delhi’s air as it reaches 42 times above as what considered safe has once again reignited the questions about how one of the rapidly-developing city can tackle its persistent air pollution crisis.

Calling the Delhi situation a major public health emergency, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the capital, which is a home for about 20 million people, a “gas chamber” as his government sought meetings with adjoining states to address the issue.

The people at large, however, are forced to remain indoors after the deadliest, tiny particulate matter known as PM 2.5, which penetrates deep in a person’s lungs, soared to 726, according to the U.S Embassy.

The Delhi’s pollution has generated many of the headlines from India, the extensive news report from the field had forced the government to take the cognizance of the matter. In the same way, the world media has also reacted to the Delhi’s pollution, which is standing at number 2 after Beijing.


The New York Times: “In India, Air So Dirty Your Head Hurts”

In their report, The New York Times published, “By the standards of this city, this week’s pollution has been alarming, reaching levels nearly 30 times what the World Health Organization considers safe”.

The NYT also said that “The smog is so heavy that drivers often can’t see cars slowing down in front of them, causing serious accidents and several highway pileups.

Shifting the blame game and accountability, the NYT also said that the decentralised governance system complicates things because the rural areas burning the crops fall under different jurisdictions than the urban areas suffering the smog.


BBC: Hair-raising drive through Delhi smog

In this video of BBC, a reporter of their drive to work as pollution levels in Delhi soars. Watch it here.


Fox 61: Delhi like ‘a gas chamber’ as Indian capital wakes up to the third day of heavy pollution

In their lines, the Fox 61 says, “The Delhi government is being urged to declare a city-wide health emergency, as residents endured a third straight day of heavy pollution.”

Fox 61 also blamed it on the government inaction to improve the air quality. In the report, Fox 61 said that the “Air pollution in Delhi has yet to become a politically sensitive issue”.


Al Jazeera: Health emergency declared, pollution soars in New Delhi

Stating the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Al Jazeera reports says, “The Indian capital was enveloped by a shroud of toxic smog on Tuesday, forcing the Indian Medical Association to declare a public health emergency and advised schools to be shut.”

Speaking to Al Jazeera, the US Embassy says, “This is like heavy rain of PM 2.5. In heavy rain, you don’t venture out”.

“At 1 pm local time, the tracker showed AQI (air quality index) at 728, a level that leaves even healthy people at risk of serious respiratory problems.”


CNN: Delhi urged to declare emergency after the third day of heavy pollution

Taking the cue from the same, the CNN said that the “The Delhi government is being urged to declare a city-wide health emergency, as residents endured a third straight day of heavy pollution.”

“The smog has blanketed much of the city in recent days, severely reducing visibility, restricting traffic and delaying flights.”

“Delhi was named the most polluted city in the world in 2014 according to the WHO. Since then, other Indian cities have climbed up the list, knocking Delhi’s ranking down to 14.”

“In addition to the crop burning, Delhi’s pollution comes from industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust from cars, road dust and burning of biomass, said Santosh Harish, assistant director of research at EPIC India, a research institute based in the US and India.”

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