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This Enormous King Cobra Invades Home Video Will Give You Nightmares!

The world’s longest venomous snake King Cobra usually tries to avoid a face off with humans. But what if you find a snake, not an ordinary its king cobra in your house or near your surroundings ! would you smash his face or welcome the king?

Well, look at this video, uploaded by Derrick YiFan, where an enormous King Cobra entered into a house in Malaysia and making people crazy. The residents get mindless when they get to know about the king cobra.

Watch the video here:

Posted by 郭帟杋 on Sunday, 18 June 2017

This incident took place near Batu Pahat on June 18, Derrick who got eyes on snake writes “I heard voices outside and saw this giant snake,” in a post entitled ‘The giant king cobra broke into the house’.

Derrick’s post and the video of the venomous snake climbing up the door has been viewed almost 4 million times in just two days and shared over 42000 times and writes “The Bomba came to the scene and didn’t find it,” referring to the fire and rescue department of Malaysia. Derrick is still afraid as King Cobra might enter his house again. It might give him nightmares!


By: Rinki Chauhan.

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