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This Condom Brand Durex is coming up with New Jeans, in Various Shapes, Size and Fits.

Besides your sexual fantasies coming alive, if you were to ask ANYBODY for that matter, what their go-to option for a pair of bottoms was, they’d definitely say jeans. And why not? These hip huggers come in various shapes, sizes, and fits, which make them so much better. Also, one pair can literally go with anything and everything, occasion no bar!

And now, guess which brand is launching a new pair of jeans? The brand that has been synonymous with condoms for eons is presenting to you something else that will fit your man like a glove.

Durex has unveiled its new range of denim, and guesses who got to wear its first pair jeans, Ranveer Singh. A condom brand coming up with a denim range might sound as bizarre as  Kapil dev turning a chef.  But this has happened, and we are equally shocked.

Actor Ranveer Singh grabbed enough eyeballs when he rapped and danced while endorsing the condom brand Durex.  In fact, the style with which he featured in its advertisements became the talk of the town. Now, hold your breath, as Ranveer has taken the endorsement one step ahead. He is now advertising the new denim range from the condom brand. The news about Durex launching jeans was much surprising. And hearing that the Ranveer is super charged up to promote it is even more exciting.

Going by the product being sold online at health and wellness sites, Durex Jeans is a range of condom from the Durex’s stable which the company said is made of quality natural rubber latex. The classic design with lubrication helps you to obtain good sexual pleasure.The special way we make Durex Jeans means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.

The Bollywood actor slipped into a pair of jeans from the soon-to-be-launched denim range from Durex and says it fit him really well. In a 15-second teaser, which was unveiled on Wednesday, Ranveer is seen in a trial room and says: “Guys Durex is launching Jeans and I am the first one to try it. Then he goes inside the trial room and shouts, “Guys this fits really well”.

So are you ready to lay your hands on the new Durex Jeans?

But there is a twist in the story. Many social media users think that the brand is launching a campaign for April Fool’s Day and there is nothing more to this. The brand has a history of pulling off such pranks in the past.

Last year, the company said that they are going launch a range of Water to ‘hydrate’ consumers’ sex life (literally). We know you are already cheesed out by this but that’s what marketing of this sexual wellness brand looks like. While we are not sure if the Durex Jeans is another tactical marketing approach by the company, but even if it isn’t, it was an interesting move by both the brand and Singh.

Interesting fun facts that you didn’t know about Durex Jeans

 The main aim of this denim is protection, i.e., protection of your skin from bad weather. However, there are many other interesting things that you need to know about Durex Jeans. Let’s see some of them:

  1. The Asian jeans will also be known as Pencil fit jeans
  2. It comes in different colors like Green Apple, Strawberry Red, Chocolate Brown among others
  3. In case of emergency, you can buy Durex Jeans in 24-hour medical stores
  4. Durex Endurance Jeans will help improve your stamina – you won’t feel tired all day
  5. Vibrating denim will help you lose weight
  6. You can buy a pack of 3 Durex denim for just Rs. 3,500
  7. In rural areas, Durex will launch a sub-brand called “Chhatri Jeans”
  8. Durex will also introduce dotted and extra dotted denim
  9. Ultra Thin jeans will make you feel light like you are not wearing it
  10. All denim will be rain proof

This is not the first time when Ranveer has left his fans wide-eyed with arresting imagination. The young superstar had all of us surprised when he first appeared in the popular condom brand’s first TV commercial – Do The Rex. The high on energy actor became the first A-listed Hindi cinema star to endorse a condom brand and he literally left his fans impressed by his unique move.

watch it here:

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