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This Coca-Cola ad is breaking the stereotypes on women driving in Saudi Arab is going viral

The ad, titled “Change has a taste”. A new coca cola ad is making waves across the social media. People are praising the ad as a celebration of Saudi Arabia’s recent order to overturn its decades-old driving ban on women. It is a positive, social and cultural change.

According to Coca-Cola, the one-minute ad titled “Change has a taste” is meant to enable the “Economic empowerment of women”.

The ad started off well enough, with a doting Saudi father smiling as he hands his daughter the keys to his car.
The teen initially struggles to manage the vehicle, but the father remains reasonably calm.

The daughter gets ready to hit the road, but hesitates to continues, pressing the brake pedal every few seconds.
Hoping to calm her down, her father cracks open a bottle of coke, placed on car’s dashboard to have her focus on one thing: balance.

She does not succeed at first, but after taking a sip of the refreshing beverage, she does it.

Watch the video breaking stereotypes of the Saudi mentality

By: Devanshi Somwanshi

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