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Things you shouldn’t be doing post break-up

Communication is easy to achieve regardless of distance and time thanks to social media and the world wide web.

Back in the days where there were no social media when a relationship ended, you didn’t know what your ex-was up to unless someone told you. If you left town, you wouldn’t bump into your ex, you wouldn’t run into familiar places where you created memories together and you wouldn’t see what they were up to. If you wanted to make a clean break from an ex, it was very doable

In a world, so advance where communication is done at a lightning fast speed and all it takes is one friend screenshotting that status and sending it in a group text to every one of your other friends. Things you put on social media can spread faster than wildfire, so think twice before you hit the send button.

Everyone knows how hard it can be in your mind and heart after a breakup. So, heal the old fashion way, instead of looking to social media to mend your wounds. It will be better for you and your followers.

Unfollow or Unfriend?

The first thing anyone will be doing after a break-up will be hitting that unfriend, or unfollow, button. Doing that may give you a temporary relief to your mind and inner soul. However, if you know one day you two are going to want to be friends, it may not be the best way to go. If there’s a chance you are going to follow or friend them again, then put down your finger and take a step back.

Deleting photos
Deleting photos might be the best possible option you can think of. But wait before you act on that idea. But going through old photos on Facebook and Instagram too soon can not be undone. Especially if you want to be private about this breakup, people will start to notice photos disappearing and voila — mystery solved.


If you’ve started stalking your ex like there’s no tomorrow, then you’ve probably gone down a dark road already.
Stalking is like a drug, where at first you feel real high off of those new pics he or she uploaded, but then you realise you start out every morning looking at his or her feed, and then you can’t go a day without checking up on it. You’ve gone down the rabbit hole and it’s hard to find your way out. Soon enough you’ll be stalking each and every family member of your ex and it can only get worse from there. Save yourself the time and the emotional toll that stalking can have on you.

It hurts when your relationship is at the breakup stage. You need to take the time to process the relationship, what worked, what didn’t work and where you are at right now. The biggest lesson to learn is you need to feel whatever feelings come up for you. These feelings will be intense and that’s ok, you will get through it and you will have another relationship. You may even get back together so it’s important to keep your dignity intact and treat your break up discretely and with compassion.

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