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These Foreigners Dancing On The Tunes Of “Hai Rabba” Is A Delight To Watch.

When IIT Roorkee student remake Ed Sheeran’s hit single, Shape of You, India went berserk over the reincarnation of the song with a pinch of desi style. The students had done the proper justice to the hit song.

Now, shifting our focus to a two-decade old song, “Hai Rabba”, from Daler Mehendi is seen reincarnated. Not by any Indian, but by fans sitting in the foreign land. Yes! The old hit, which is still rocking the dance floor in wedding till now, had seen a makeover.

The video features an Indian girl and two foreigners who can be seen doing all sorts of maniac’s things, and stunts, which are beyond your imagination. The video starts with the girl saying “let’s do it for the second time” With that, we are sure that they are into this for the second time.

Then the camera shifts its focus to all the three people, who pour out their madness over the song.

In the whole video, the locations keep changing from bedroom to zoo to street.

So, don’t waste your time, and see the madness here:

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