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These ‘FoolProof’ Messaging Strategies Will Help You Break The Ice.

As the internet has now become the mainstream medium for the people who once can’t afford the “Luxury” (Thanks to Mukesh Ambani’s Jio), the mode of communication has now in the reach to a broad section of the people; and messaging services are seen dominating the scene. But the problem arises when the person, like me, who is a semi-introvert and who doesn’t know what to reply in the text which bombards with messages.

So, analysing things a bit more, and after putting things into right perspective, I reached a conclusion on ‘How to text?’ for all the brothers like me who took back away, and a surefire way to lock down that next date, that next happy hour, or that next promotion.

Rule #1: The rule of three:

“I sent text after text — jokes and book recommendations and pictures of funny things I saw and, unsurprisingly, I did not get many second dates with many normal people.”

Dude seriously, this is the time you need to let-go-of that person who isn’t replying. Don’t be that stubborn child who wants to stick around the grass no matter how insulting it is.

Texting Rule #2: The Links and Pics Relevancy Score:

Here’s another quote: “The best way to make a boy like you was to provide numerous links to obscure songs and long interviews with dead authors.”

Did you find that true? If yes, boy you gotta seriously check yourself up. In 2005, sociologists came up with a concept called the “Texting Relevancy Score,” where they determine a multimedia text’s value based on its relevancy to the conversation. The finding leads them that some things have a higher inherent Relevance Score than others. Placing in the top three are slam-dunk montage videos, monkeys in people clothes, and over-sized pieces of pizza. No matter what, no matter the situation or the context or the sender or the receiver, those sorts of pictures have maximum relevancy, which means they’ll always be a positive contribution to your text exchange.

Texting Rule #3: Virtual Listening

“This is what men want, I thought to myself. Just someone to sit and listen and say ‘Mm hmmm’ occasionally.”

Okay, accept the fact. ‘Hmmm’, ‘Aur batao’ and ‘Kya chal rha?’ have now become a terrible reply to continue the conversation. These replies are doing more harm than good to the conversation, to you and to the person you’re having with. These constant replies make the person to lose interest in you and start to drift away.

The lesson: If you’re going to pretend to listen, pretend better.

Now, you have the ‘Guru Mantra’ for your every conversation, go and set yourself in the game of ‘text’

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