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There’s A Big Difference Between 20s and 40s. Which One Is More Beautiful?

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, today, enters in the second year of her fabulous forties. The poster girls of fitness in the Bollywood, Shilpa has walked a long walk from Baazigar (1993), Main Khiladi, Tu Anari (1994) to Metro (2007) and Apne (2007).

Being a fitness model, and remain conscious about her health, the actress open about on the same, she says, “I have always taken it in my stride and have aged gracefully. You can’t stop the ageing process, but you can choose how you want to age, with healthy choices,” says Shilpa.

Blessed with the age-defying beauty and the make-over she had gone through over the years can’t be expressed in the words. Seet it for yourself:

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