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The perfect way to apply liquid lipstick

Byline By- Nitisha Nagpal

We know the struggle of applying liquid lipstick and not looking like you came straight from the movie ‘Joker’. Sometimes it happens ladies and we are familiar with it. We got you lads cover with the perfect technique. Follow these quick fix methods to rock on your fav liquid lipstick every time.

1.Prep your lips first
Just like you prep your face every time you apply makeup, exfoliating your lips is all important. Use a gentle one to be specific.

2. Moisturise
Another equal important step is to lubricate your lips using a good balm. A smooth pair of lips will allow smooth application of lipstick.

3. Lining
Or rather mark your territory, outline your lips the way you are feeling. Follow the natural lines of your lips and you can outdo a little bit by some over lining.

4. The Main Guest of Tonight
After all these steps, pick your desired color and flaunt that look. Depending upon what time of day it is, pick your fav, for example go for pinks and nudes in daytime and go bold in the light, but if you feel like switching, well sweetie makeup is one experimental field.

5. Some extra handy tip
Apply a layer of powder by covering your lips with a tissue to make your efforts last longer. Setting your lipstick like this will also give you more mattifying effect.

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