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No Fear No Favour

The most adorable love story of all time

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

When we talk about couples who are madly in love we are sure there are numerous to name. But this time all the spotlight is on the cutest ones and it is not a hard guess guys, Camilla and Shawn.

There romance turned five and we can never get enough of them. The duo met in 2014, Camilla was still with fifth harmony and Shawn was in his zone, exploring. In an interview with James Corden, the duo fumbled upon addressing any dating rumours. November of 2015 and they released their first duet ‘I know what you did last Summer’ which really added the fuel to dating rumours. In June 2016 they won the best pop video and fan favourite. Slowly but it seemed like these cuties were more than friends.

A little fast forward to 2018 and Shawn’s mindset was clear about his feelings for her and while promoting his album ‘Shawn Mended’ he confessed that Camilla is her favourite person in the world. To which she tweeted that ‘I love you Shawn Mendes’ . The following year they released the much anticipated record ‘Senorita’ and woah the whole Internet is crushing till date.

Their VMA’s performance left everybody in awe. The fans were also pouring their cute reactions for the same. ‘They have more chemistry than the periodic table’ , wrote one of the duo’s fan. We can’t just get enough of them and are waiting for them to grow old together.

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