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The Couple Withdrew Their Divorce Case For The Sake Of Their Children: Nawazuddin’s Wife Aaliya Says, “Being Apart In life Is No Longer An Option”

Image Source: The Indian Express

‘The couple’s are back together’. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Aaliya Siddiqui have been married for 19 years and have two Children Shora Siddiqui and Yaani Siddiqui. The Couple has been married for nineteen (19) years but lives apart. Back in time, a relationship went high and low between the two. Amidst all this breakage and difference, takes to get a companion for Aaliya Siddiqui. Aaliya’s second relationship had started amidst the difference between her and Nawazuddin. The two had a public showdown during the couple’s undergoing divorce proceedings.

Despite having moved on to their separate lives, Nawaz and Aaliya still communicate with one another for the benefit of their son and daughter. With her two children, Aaliya resided in Dubai, and Nawaz was ordered by the court to support their upbringing and education there.

Look at this:

Aaliya’s recent Instagram photos and videos with Nawazuddin and kids witnessing how the family is back to a relax seat of comfort and care. Her rumored relationship with her ‘companion’ is beyond the moon, which has nothing to do with her marriage, Aaliya clarified to the majority, ‘my companion is not responsible to create marriage difference between and Nawazuddin’.

At present, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his alienated wife Aaliya Siddiqui are back together for the sake of their children. They decided ‘ to live together peacefully’. The couple further belives being apart in life is no longer an option”, as it cause double discomposure in the family tie and to the relationship amongst four.

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