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No Fear No Favour

The bizarre trends of 2020

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

Style might be a way to express ourselves truly. But sometimes high end brands really go crazy experimental in the name of fashion.

Inverted Sunglases which cost around 50k is no where flattering and no one can believe their eyes.

Well these disstresd tights are making everyone stressed and what comes to utter surprise is that the item is sold out in no time. Looks like Gucci is topping the list of bizarre trends this year.

Ever heard of passion for both fashion and food?. We guess this baguette bag from the brand Moschino has also hopped on the bizarre fashion trends with this bag and as if this loaf of bread was not enough they also have a bag resembling a croissant.

KFC on crocs? Ahmmmm, well beyond gross. This was supposed to be a collaboration of the fast food joint and Crocs,launching crocs with the print of fried chicken, just too much to handle

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