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Teenage Beauty Queen And Her Friend Die As They Live Stream On Instagram

Sofia Magerko, 16, died on the spot when her car crashed into a lamp post in eastern Ukraine, which was coincidently recorded live by the deceased herself during the drunken high-speed joy ride.

Sofia Magerko, 16, and her friend Daria Medvedeva, 24 both were out on a misfortune ride that day. The 16-year-old won a beauty contest recently.

The teen and her friend were seen drinking wine in the video streamed live on Instagram when suddenly everything in the video turned black and with an unusual noise in the background which was nothing else but the collision of their car with the lamppost.

Daria, who was driving the motor, reportedly died on her way to the hospital.

Bystanders can reportedly be heard arriving at the scene and discovering the lifeless body of the young beauty queen.

Daria died on her way to hospital after being pulled from the wreck while her teen pal was killed on the spot.

By: Drishti Gupta

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