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No Fear No Favour

Taylor Swift and Zayn dropped the sexiest “I don’t wanna live forever”. And it’s everything

”You don’t have to live, no longer. Now, you can listen to this song”. No, our writers are not high. It’s the song that they have fallen for. The song, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”, from the world’s most sensual movie sequel, 50 shades darker, is finally here. The song has been creating a buzz for quite some time now.

The duo, Taylor Swift and Zayn, has created the magic as much as the song itself. This is not what we are saying; this is what the views on the song have to say. Just 7hrs of the release, the song has got over 1.2 millions of views. This is self-explanatory as how much the song was awaited. So, what’s holding you back? Strap-on (pun intended) a bit and listen to the song. Right here.

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