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Surprising Update About Popular Reality Show MTV Roadies Revolution.

Byline by – Devanshi Thakkar

Roadies Revolution is the 18th season of the popular MTV show, which premiered on the TV channel on February 15, 2020. This season around, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia and Varun Sood have been roped in as Leaders while Roadies veteran Rannvijay Singha is seen hosting the show.

As the viewers already know that roadies revolution has many twists and turns to it!

After Arushi Chawla and Sanjay Negi’s vote-out, a new twist was introduced, and now both Arushi and Sanjay will get a chance to perform a survival battle. The one who will win the task will continue in the show.

The Roadies Revolution journey has paced up with multiple events taking everyone by surprise, every week!

After Pratibha leaves the journey, a surprise survival battle between two voted out contestants, Arushi and Sanjay is sure to leave the contestants and the celebrity leaders in shock! 

The survival task at hand for them was to make a team of three members each among which two will be contestants and one will be a gang leaderbefore the survival task. With Hamid getting injured from the Basket Brawl task and only Michael’s support, Arushi has a very few options and friends in the journey at this point. 

Arushi made a point to pitch to many contestants but a lot of them denied helping her. She was caught in a fix.

While Arushi somehow manages to get confirmations from Michael, Nisha and Aman. Sanjay chooses Vipin, Jayant and Shreya to save himself.

Also, surprisingly both the leaders, Varun Sood and Nikhil Chinapa will be seen performing against each other in upcoming task.

But, quite an unexpected event will happen in today’s upcoming episode as Arushi gets a pitch from her arch-rival Apoorva Gole.Yes, you read that right!

Apoorva pitches to Arushi and asks her if she wants her to be a part of the task.

How will Arushi react to this?

Is Apoorva genuinely wanting to help Arushi or is it a part of her game-plan?

Who will be the ‘Drone Survivor’ and whose journey will come to an end? What are your thoughts on the upcoming task?

Stay tuned to Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV to witness one the most exciting task

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