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Sukha Duneke, Linked to Khalistani Terrorism, Killed in Canadian Gang Conflict

Duneke was a top-level gang member from Moga, Punjab, who used a fake passport to escape to Canada in 2017

Khalistani terrorist Sukha Duneke was reportedly killed in Canada due to a feud with another gang. Duneke, originally from Punjab, India, had escaped to Canada with a fake passport in 2017 and was associated with the Khalistan movement. He was part of a list of 43 individuals with links to Khalistan and Canada released by the anti-terrorism agency NIA.

This incident comes amidst a diplomatic dispute between India and Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that Indian government agents were involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada in June, leading to the expulsion of senior diplomats from both countries. India has denied these allegations.

Nijjar was a prominent Indian terrorist and leader of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force, who was assassinated in British Columbia. India has issued a travel advisory for its citizens in Canada, warning of rising anti-India activities and hate crimes. Canada has rejected India’s advisory, stating that it is a safe country.

In simpler terms, a Khalistani terrorist was killed in Canada due to a gang dispute. There’s a disagreement between India and Canada over allegations of Indian government involvement in the killing of another Khalistani terrorist in Canada. Both countries have expelled diplomats, and India has advised its citizens in Canada to be cautious due to increasing anti-India activities, while Canada disagrees with this advice and considers itself safe.

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