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Style diaries of Princess Diana

Byline by – Nitisha Nagpal

You might remember her as a royal lady and a member of the British Noble family. We undoubtedly have way more reasons to cherish her memories, one of them being her iconic style.

Her style of fashion is way ahead of time and ruled the 20th century.

Biker shorts and sweatshirts, Insta baddie even before it was a thing. We agree with the person who tweeted ‘Princess of Cycling Shorts’.

We all remember this daring move of hers. As a royal woman, you are not allowed to show a lot of skin. On that particular day she had enough and broke all the boundaries trying to fit in. This is one of her famous looks and is titled as the ‘Revenge Dress’.

Her wedding look duh! We still crush on it. This is from her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981 and the most exemplary part is that the train was 25 feet long, the longest in Royal history.

Her pregnancy was another beautiful moment of her life to dress up in various styles. The polka dot dress was adding to her preggers glow.

Ok, now this is the style we spot on supermodels till date and is definitely going to stay. The dress is designed by her friend Giovanni Versace.

We still remember her as the strong woman she was and the way she inspired other woman. Refusing to breath under royal privileges and living on her own terms makes her even more inspiring. Till date, her fashion speaks for her. We all need some notes!

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