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Stuck in traffic ? Here is a better solution for you to get rid of that

How much time do you spent in traffic?  And what do you do when you got stuck ?

Most of us listen to radio and curse our lives for stucking in traffic, but a girl from Florida has find a better solution for this.

She rolled out her yoga mat and strike a pose, a yoga pose, that is – in the middle of a highway. “Clearing the traffic in my mind,” Kristin Bjornsen writes on Twitter along with a picture of herself doing the bhujang asana or cobra pose. Well, that’s one way to de-stress in the middle of a monster traffic jam.
Ms Bjornsen didn’t know it at the time but a truck had flipped over ahead of her – causing the two hour traffic jam. Traffic had come to a complete stop on the busy Miami highway on Wednesday and Ms Bjornsen’s car was running low on petrol.

“I had my windows down and my engine off as a result,” she tells Inside Edition. “And the view from up there is pretty nice so I couldn’t help but get out. I figured it was my only chance ever at striking a pose on the highway!”

So, that’s exactly what she did – even asking a fellow commuter to get out and take her picture.

Here is tweet of her


In a blog for the Miami New Times, where she works, Ms Bjornsen writes: “The reactions (to the photo) have ranged from “Lock Her Up” to “We need more of you in this world.” Obviously, I prefer the latter. The truth is I didn’t really do much yoga on the highway – I was just trying to make a point about traffic in Miami and how we handle it.”

“Part of me feels guilty that people actually think I was Zen-ing out on the highway. But in a way, I was. Because I was laughing at an uncontrollable situation, aghast that so few people got out of their cars, and making the best of what I hope only happens to me once in this lifetime.”

Well, now you know what to do the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic

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