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Sreesanth May Be Soon Thrown Out For Threatening To Slap

‘Big Boss Season 12’ creates a buzz across the country with its current theme ‘Single v/s Jodi’. It is almost one week while all contestants try to perform their best in order to sustain their existence in this big house. In this weekend we can notice Sreesanth who has lost his temper in the Bigg Boss 12 house.

This won’t be the first time that Sreesanth has lost his cool in the Bigg Boss 12 house. Even though he sorted it out with the Khan Sisters after the first fight, things are still sour between them. We saw in last night’s episode how the jodis torture the singles during the luxury budget task. While some of the contestants bear with all the torture, Sreesanth loses his cool when he watches his friends being tortured. He even threatens to slap Saba Khan and she instigates him to actually slap her if he can. Violent threats have been a part of the show for seasons.

Though Sreesanth doesn’t actually slap her, we are wondering if this will have consequences. We know that the sisters are not going to forgive him this time and will make a huge scene. They are already demanding an apology from the former cricketer. We know Sreesanth will apologise later on because that has been his pattern so far. The contestant has agreed that he has a lot of temper issues and has no control over his words when he loses his cool. Even if Bigg Boss doesn’t take any action against him, we are pretty sure that Salman Khan will definitely tell him off for being disrespectful.

Though the singles have decided to avenge what has been done to them during the task, we wonder how the Sreesanth vs Khan sisters story is going to go on.

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