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Spider Crawls On Reporter’s Arm On Live TV. She Doesn’t Even Notice It.

Shannon Murray is a reporter for Fox 4 news channel in Dallas, Texas. While reporting for the morning news show “Good Day”, an unexpected guest joined her for the live broadcast. The one with eight legs.

As she reported on a workers’ protest on Wednesday morning, a spider, big enough to rattle anyone, crawled down her arm. Something which she failed to notice at the time of her live report. Video of that freaky moment was posted on Facebook by the channel and has over 2 lakh views.

When several viewers pointed out to her about the eight-legged creature, she revealed that she did feel something crawling.

“For those asking, YES I felt it! But I had no idea it was a spider until a VIEWER let me know on Facebook! EEK,” she wrote on Facebook.

The spider, though, did more good than harm for the reporter who gained several new followers on social media after the clip went viral.

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