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Special Leave For Punjab Police Constables To Celebrate Birthdays And Wedding Anniversaries.

While you plan your leaves around Diwali, Dusshera or Holi, police personnel across the country plan how to maintain law and order during those festivals in different parts of the country. While the entire nation is busy celebrating festivals or private functions, cops are busy fulfilling the thankless job of safeguarding the public. While you are free to criticise the way they serve the country or lack of efficiency showed during the mismanagement of a law and order situation in a particular city, you cannot deny the long hours they put in to serve the nation.

However, in what may come as a major relief to Punjab police personnel, Punjab police constables will now be able to take a leave on their birthdays and wedding anniversary. Yes, they could not avail an off on their birth and wedding anniversary previously. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the additional director general of police, Rohit Chaudhary in Bhatinda announced that the leave cannot be denied after the constable file an application requesting for the same.

“Whenever I visit districts, we form a group of constables from different police stations and ask them to sit together for two hours to discuss their routine problems. They then submit the demands to me,” Hindustan Times quoted ADGP as saying.

He further told the daily, the decision was taken after the constables in Bathinda complained that they could not take leaves even for few hours on birthday or marriage anniversaries even after requesting their seniors. The ADGP added that an advisory will be issued to rest of the districts too.

Last year, it was reported that Delhi cops will also be getting special leave to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. The move was taken after it was pointed out that the cops who spend long hours at work do not get enough time to spend with their families and are under a lot of stress which in turn results in poor performance.

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