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Social Media’s Artificial Emotions Leading To ‘Death causing Depression’.

We must say there’s definitely good reasons to be on Social Media accounts, like facebook, twitter and Instagram that connects you with your friends moreover make new ones. We spent hours of our time witnessing our friends’ family vacations, children’s momentous occasions, birthday celebration, weddings. Now we can see live updates of any event or food updates and even mishappenings updates such as divorce, sickness and death.  Although social media relationships can have a positive effect on us emotionally but studies have been conducted that excessively social networking is leading to depression, insecurity and poor self-esteem. These Negatives became pretty obvious when mental health experts warn about something called “Social Media Depression”.

Recently we have seen teenagers committed suicide after being live on social Media. Depression is the second highest cause of death among people of age group of 14- 29. Talking about depression more openly and by a better understanding of signs and symptoms of the condition, we are in a stronger position to help ourselves if we experiencing “Social Media depression”. We can also support our colleagues, friends or loved ones who may have depression.

Feeling too much of emotions can lead you straight to a bout of “Social Media Depression” just not that, There’s actually an ocean of powerful negative emotions that Social Media can easily generate, like the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Jealousy
  • Stress
  • Pressure
  • Loneliness

There are many ways to find yourself suffering from Social Media Depression:

  • Social Media OCD – Mind Distracting! People with Social Media OCD feel the urge to constantly check their Social Medias for updates. This is really exhausting and takes you away from other things you could or should be doing.
  • The grass is always greener – People tend to post happy things on Social Media, or they try to put humorous spins on the bad things. It’s easy to start thinking that everybody is happier or better off than you when that just isn’t the case.
  • Negligence – There’s a possibility that most of the time, no one is going to post anything about you, even if you have a thousand friends. You wake up and check your Social Media updates and no one’s responded to your hilarious updates or blogs. By the time you go to bed, there’s not a single hit on your page. This doesn’t at all mean that everyone suddenly starts disliking you, but it can feel pretty bad!
  • Getting dissed – You know how easy it is to accidentally unfriend someone? and you must have an idea about how much it can hurt to find out that you’ve been unfriended?  It could be disheartened that your buddy has deleted you off from his friend list. How insulting!
  • Stranger is Danger – This is probably what your parents worry about the most when they find out you have a Social Media. You’re gonna fall in love with a nice-looking boy from some country named Jessica and in reality, he’s an ageing farmer from Cambodia. Isn’t it depressing?
  • Bullying – Being bullied in real life is bad enough, but bullying can actually get worse when kids are doing it on a site like Social Media. Plus, a lot of those Social Media bullies are regular bullies you have to put up with at school, too, so you don’t get any respite from them.
  • Romantic Drama– According to research, 80% of Social Media users add past boyfriends/girlfriends to their friend lists. This is trouble waiting to happen! And then there is the drama and emotions take place that results when your ex suddenly changes their status that they are in a relationship with the one guy/girl. Awful !!


So to avoid these negative impacts in your life there is time to evaluate your lifestyle

Limit your time to social media sites. Make a specific time to connect with your friends and family. So that you can get spare of time for another activity of life. If you want to connect with your some specific friends or want to convey your message to them, You can text or call them instead of showing it everyone on social media.

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