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Shotgun takes pot shot at party bosses, calls for introspection

Sensing the simmering discontentment within the party cadres, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for the first time, comes out openly and acknowledged that “as the party has grown, different voices have emerged” in a Diwali Milan Samaroh held recently for the journalist in the capital.

Prime Minister Modi said, “I remember when I was not in politics – it was the early days of the BJP – I used to read the newspaper and understand what the party’s overall thought process was. I believed that the thought that would cross the mind of someone from the central leadership and a junior in the party, would be alike. Today, in our own party, we hear many voices. It is also because the size of the party has grown, making it difficult to train, communicate, and so on…”

Picking the lines where the Prime Minister Narendra Modi left, BJP MP and dissenting voice within the party, Shatrughan Sinha, lashed out the party Boss by saying “there is a ‘need for introspection’. Vending his ire through a series of tweets referring to PM Modi’s speech on the occasion where the PM mentioned that “Some of our own people are not on the same page” wrote “ it’s my ‘humble submission’ to ‘try to find out why “some” of the best intellectuals/experts/professionals/popular/ politicians & mass leaders are on different page”.

The BJP MP further tweeted said that it ‘needs introspection’ and ‘sincere efforts’ to be made by ‘people in power for those “some” who are on the same page.

The actor-turned-politician had also raised the question on the party of letting go-off the people ‘after utilizing them.’ He further adds that it’s ‘never too late to make amends’ especially when the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections are taking place.

The veteran leader said that party should also work for ‘damage control soon’

The veteran leader never let go any opportunity of taking on with the party bosses to score points but his barbs are also get ignored with disdain by party authorities.

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