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Shocking! This Highest Paid actress was rejected because of her skin color 

 Ulka Gupta, who played a lead role in Jhansi Ki Rani serial which was critically acclaimed for her role, went away from the limelight after this. The fame she got from the series was not loyal to her. Still, she kept the focus on her studies and kept searching for good and better roles for her. Now she has two south Indian movies in her pocket and is overwhelmed by this.


Recently, in an interview with a newspaper, she revealed that she was rejected for many roles because of her dark complexion. She told the newspaper that when she started going for interviews, casting directors used to say directly ‘No’ to her face. But when she became a star after performing in ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ they started getting diplomatic. She stated, “It was not after the serial but before it. I’m okay with what the producers and directors think. And if they think that I’m not fit for a role, it could be my personality that I was rejected for. They would find my acting and personality to be a way more dominating factor than my looks.

Indians, in general, are always been obsessed with skin colour. Be it matrimonial sites or actresses, fair skin girl has always been a priority. Ulka Gupta, though being talented, has faced a lot of discrimination because of her skin colour. She stated that “Sometimes, a dark handsome guy and a fair girl is the kind of pair they’d be looking out for. I’m okay with that, but they don’t directly tell it to me on my face, but later I get to know through other creative’s you are a little dark and not fair. I didn’t do serials as I got to work in movies. 

Even after a lot of rejections, she told that she got ‘Saat Phere’ series because of her skin complexion which made her feel very proud“At that time, it was a dream for me to get into TV as I used to see all child actors getting awards at various events. When I got “Saat Phere” mainly because of my skin colour, that time it just gave me a lot of confidence because by then I had already got rejected at so many places and now I finally got it because of my colour. That made me so happy and proud. “Saath phere” got me recognition and I was called for the audition of Jhansi Ki Rani’. As a performer, I gave my best she stated in an interview 

But even though a lot of problems she faced, she still believes that success of actresses like Deepika and Bipasha Basu has proven that in India people will see your talent irrespective your skin colour. She is very optimistic and said that that era is gone when only fair looking actresses were preferred now India is changing and she is also hopeful for the future.  

By – Parul Kulshrestha

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