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Shocking! These Visuals From Nasa Will Definitely Give You A Set Back.

Earth, Our home. We have been degrading our home for ages now. It has changed a lot through its lifespan yet. But, human race nowhere seems to be considered for this.

We are moving forward with our lust for luxury by stepping over the corpse of the environment.

To show you, people, some drastic changes of earth over the years, NASA has released a Then&Now pictures of earth.

Here, we present you the repercussions of human deeds.

  1. This is the Pedersen Glacier in Alaska. The left depicts the location during the summer, 1917, while the new photo showcases the summer, 2005. Notice the massive changes in snow level during the same time period.
  2. The Aral Sea in Central Asia has vastly dried up in comparison to its August 2000 version. 2014 was a dry year, and this birds-eye image showcases just how small the sea has become.
  3. Until very recently, most of California was suffering from a serious drought, and Lake Oroville, California was hit hard by the lack of water. Check out the difference from July 2010 to August 2016.
  4. This one is a little hard to notice at first glance, but after careful inspection, the geography has changed quite significantly.Carroll Glacier, Alaska. August 1906 — September 2003

  5. The ice has melted and the glacier is virtually nonexistent. McCarty Glacier, Alaska. July 1909 — August 2004.




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