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Shocking!! Sweden Woman Rape Streamed Live on Facebook!!

A sick mentality has no boundary. In a shocking incident, a woman in Sweden was gang-raped which was live streamed on Facebook. The incident took place in an apartment in Swedens Uppsala.

According to the national media of Sweden, police had arrested 3 people which are related to the case. The video was live streamed on a closed Facebook group, which has around 60,000 members, which was viewed by several of thousands of people.

A woman named Josefine Lundgren (21) had first informed the police in Uppsala about a video being broadcast in a closed Facebook group in which a woman was being gang-raped.

Acting immediately to the complaint filed, police reached the crime spot and arrested three men aged 18, 20 and 24 years with the victim, who was unconscious. After arriving at the crime scene, police shut-off the camera and take hold the criminals.

According to the viewer, the attackers were armed and were shouting “you have been raped” at the end of the video.

The case has shocked many as the viewers sat in horror of what they were witnessing. Some of them thought that a prank was being played.

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