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Shocking Revealed: Priyanka, Alia, Katrina and Ranveer connections to Drug Peddling Business.

Drug abuse is a huge menace across the world and every Bollywood celebrity would tell you to stay away from drugs. But did you know that Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif have a shocking connection with this drug peddling business? Yes, we aren’t kidding! Mumbai Police revealed to Hindustan Times today that the underworld in Mumbai (or the so called Sultan) are using code words to sell drugs. If Khoka (Rs 1 crore), peti (Rs 1 lakh), supari (contract killing), nine number ki chappal (9mm pistol) weren’t less, the underworld has added actor names to their list of code words too…

The police have always kept a watch on the drug peddling business in Mumbai and over the past few months they were confused by the words being used by a lot of people. ‘Sultan is always late’ and ‘the last time Sultan proved a box office hit’ were the most common words they heard. By tapping phone conversations and analysing them carefully, the cops finally decoded the code words. They soon discovered that it wasn’t just Salman Khan‘s movie, but many other star’s whose names are being used as code words for drug peddling in Mumbai. Check out the list of actors and the drugs associated with them right here:

# Ranbir Kapoor – Host

# Ranveer Singh – Peddler

# Alia Bhatt – Cocaine

# Priyanka Chopra – LSD

# Katrina Kaif – Smack

# Kangana Ranaut – Afeem (a derivative from poppy)

# Anushka Sharma – Hashish

# Nargis Fakhri – Ecstasy

Shocking na? But this is what is going on! Wonder what the actors will have to say about this… We just hope that the Mumbai police can curb this menace soon!

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