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Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Long Inning Is All Set For An Honorable Exit?

Madhya Pradesh has now become a new battleground. With many forces coming into play after what started with a peaceful protest which took the violent turn after the alleged firing from the police which resulted in the death of 5 farmers. Since then, the blame game is in the picture to portray oneself as the ‘Messiah of the Farmers.’ What raises the eyebrows more is the deafening silence of the duo, Prime Minster Narendra Modi and the Party President Amit Shah on the subject.

In the past, Modi and Amit Shah has been vocal on the issues of farmer unrest, whether it stirred the economies of country’s economic capital Maharashtra or the house for the largest of the farmers, Uttar Pradesh. Narendra Modi speech uses to have references of the farmers and would help the situations in the country. But this time, the duo had left the Shivraj Singh Chauhan on the dry river beds of politics.

The three-term chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is left in the abyss to tackle the situation on its own. In a desperate manner to push himself out from the tarnishing situation, Shivraj Singh Chouhan had gone on a bizarre fast in a time when high-command from the BJP has left him out to dry.
Growing his stature year-by-year, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, in a way, had successfully managed to send the fears down the spine to the high-command, especially PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, as the competent PM candidate for 2019.

The other thing which makes Shivraj Singh Chouhan the most demanded PM is his image of being ‘Secular.’ The grey area where most of the BJP leaders lacks.

A fourth term for Chouhan would make him too powerful and in a league of his own. Hence the utter silence and the licence to Chouhan baiters such as Kailash Vijayvargiya to attack him. Vijayvargiya is a Shah favourite.
The other thing is that Shivraj Singh Chouhan could be Manohar Parrikar’s replacement as defence minister, a post which is under Arun Jaitley as a dual portfolio with Finance Minster. Paprikar’s readiness in going back to Goa despite being the Defence Minster in itself proves how strong the Union Ministers are in the Centre.

Adding to the list of things which is keeping the duo on a back foot to openly support Shivraj Singh Chouhan government is the mystery revolving around the ‘Vyapam Scam,’ which has been now the pain for the BJP to overlook.
Sources close to the Shivraj Singh Chouhan reveal that her wife, Sadhna Singh, handles the transfer cases of the officials. The person would contact the Sadhna Singh and their work would get an accelerated speed.

At one point Chouhan was propped up as a rival to Modi by former party president LK Advani whose acolyte he is. This has never been forgiven or forgotten by Modi. When Modi was Gujarat CM, Chouhan used to project himself as the antithesis of Modi, by celebrating Eid wearing a skull cap with Muslims and making much of the communal harmony he maintained in MP. Like Sushma Swaraj, he was opposed to Modi being projected as PM.
Sources add that in any case, the MP elections will be contested on Modi’s face as has become the norm after UP.

The BJP even contested Delhi’s municipal election using Modi’s image. As the larger political story unfolds, watch the next move. It will be Chouhan coming to Delhi.

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