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Shilpa Shinde Hits Back at Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal Over Adult Video Clip Row

Bigg Boss 11 might have terminated but the sparkling rivalry between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan in the Bigg Boss house is still enacted. These two once again become successful in making a storm in the social media over a Twitter post that Shilpa had shared on 21st April.

Shilpa Shinde was entangled in controversy last year when a viral video featured a person looking like her in a compromising position with a boy. Recently, again a video posted on social media turns the matter worse and serious. It seems like that the controversy between Hina and Shilpa is far from over.

Shilpa took Twitter on 21st April in order to absolve herself from the most discussed video of the last year and shared a pornographic video link writing this, “Thank u Jo Mujhe support, Kar Rahe Hain. Those who think am wrong, where were u, when such wrong videos made viral. अपने defense मैं कुछ नहीं बोल सकती क्या? Media took no time in making it viral that time, where r they today? Thanks, SM for giving me a platform to speak the truth.”

Meanwhile, audiences are divided. Some of them took to Twitter to react to Shilpa’s tweet. While some fans are praising Shilpa for her such courageous initiatives using hashtags like #IamwithShilpaShinde, ex-contestant Hina Khan doesn’t seem too impressed. Hina and Shilpa were always at loggerheads in the Bigg Boss 11 house too.
People are familiar with the name of Rocky Jaiswal and Hina Khan who had criticized Shilpa Shinde when she had tweeted the link to the adult video featuring her lookalike. Now, Shilpa again took a serious action for making the buzz false what was viral in the last year. She gave a befitting response to the duo also.

Rocky was one of the first celebrities who jumped in to share his views. He wrote, “@ShindeShilpaS whatever happened with u is unfortunate n u have a right to Spk abt it but I ask u, do u have a proof of consent of the woman in this video that u can post it? If she’s the imposter u claim why don’t u go Legal instead of promoting porn on Sm being a responsible celeb?”

Hina also came quickly to rescue Rocky by tweeting: “Sad..anyone’s fans or regular trolls may get away by saying anything on SM but as a public figure we get a power to be able to reach to millions with just one tweet and at least we should be very careful n responsible. Especially in these times, real life is not a reality show!”

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