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No Fear No Favour

Shave or Trim ? This video on ‘Pubic Hair’ is a total laugh riot, watch it.

Oh, we humans we talk about everything. There are topics which we openly discuss with anyone, including your family and friends. Some topics we can only discuss with only friends like Sex life, Intimacy etc. ‘Pubic Hair’ belong in the other category, we didn’t talk about it but we should it’s a part of our body after all.

Youtube Channel ‘Being Indian’ released a new video where youtuber Sahil Khattar asks Mumbaikars some questions about ‘Pubic hair’ and much to a suprise, some answers are too funny.

Sahil asks Mumbaikars about pubic hair, what they are, the different names that they have, how different languages call them, how to get rid of them and much more.
In the video, when Sahil asked one man about his first time shaving experience, he said “Pehli baar jisse apan daadhi banaate hai, usse hi firaa diya tha.”

He also asks The different pube styles that one can do with his/her pubic hairs. Bollywood, Goatee, Porn and creepy reference etc. were thrown back at him.

Watch the hillarious video here:

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