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Sharpshooter hired by Lawrence Bishnoi ‘almost killed’ Salman Khan

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June 10, 2022 (New Delhi): A new thing has come out in the midst of the case of Salman Khan receiving threatening letters. The sharp shooter of Lawrence Bishnoi, who had a keen eye on Salman Khan, was going to kill him on his cycling time. According to reports, when Salman Khan was given the contract to kill him, the sharp shooter was about to attack Salman Khan outside his house, but the actor narrowly escaped. This is a very shocking case, which has come to the fore during the investigation into the heart-wrenching murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Masewala. Salman Khan’s fans can get a big shock after this news comes to the fore.

Picture Credit: Internet

During the investigation of Sidhu Musewala murder case, some such information has come to the hands of the officers investigating this case, which till now everyone was unaware. A sharp shooter tried to kill Salman Khan outside his house, but the actor narrowly escaped. The report also claimed that Laureus Bishnoi, who is a suspect in the Sidhu Musewala murder case, had sent a sharp shooter to Mumbai.

Picture Credit: Internet

It is said that Bishnoi had sent the sharp shooter with a small gun to kill Salman Khan, which was kept in a modified case of hockey. The sharp shooter was reportedly deployed for surveillance outside Salman Khan’s house. He was almost about to kill Salman Khan, but fortunately the actor narrowly escaped the attack.

Salman Khan was reckoned by Lawrence Bishnoi and his associates. They knew that when Salman Khan goes for cycling in the morning, he does not have security guards with him. The crooks knew that at that time Salman Khan lived alone and at that time he had chosen to kill Salman Khan. However, on the day the sharp shooter was about to kill Salman Khan, a team of Mumbai Police was stationed outside his house. He stayed with the actor the whole time, as Salman was supposed to attend a public event.

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