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Selena Gomez Justifies Why She’s Back With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has always spoken candidly about her life, and in rekindling her on-again-off-again romance with Justin Bieber, she hasn’t changed.

The 25-year-old-singer has been photographed several times with Bieber following her split from The Weeknd.

Gomez, who raised $500,000 to help find a cure for lupus after being diagnosed with it in 2013, says Justin really “impacted” her life.

On why he’s back in her life, she told Billboard:

“I’m 25. I’m not 18, or 19, or 20. I cherish people who have really impacted my life. So maybe before, it could have been forcing something that wasn’t right. But that doesn’t mean caring for someone ever goes away. And [that goes for] people in general. I mean, I grew up with Demi [Lovato]. Nick and Joe [Jonas] and Miley [Cyrus] — we’ve gone through seasons in our lives. I don’t think it’s as serious as people make things out to be half the time. It’s just my life. I grew up with all of these people, and it’s so cool to see where everybody is. It comes back to the idea of me remaining full. I think a true representation of love is beyond just yourself.”

Despite the many tabloids claiming she’d had an acrimonious split with The Weeknd, she insists there could be nothing further from the truth.

We ended it as best friends, and it was genuinely about encouraging and caring [for each other], and that was pretty remarkable for me.


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