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Security breach: CCTV feed of PM Modi and Ivanka Trump having dinner goes live on TV

Despite massive security measures to organise Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, there was a major security breach during the official dinner hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for US President Donald Trump’s advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump in Falaknuma Palace Hotel.

Live CCTV feed of the high-end dinner was broadcasted in several local media channels on Tuesday, thus raising concerns how the menace happened when there were deep security measures were in place during the three-day event of GEC 2017.

This major security breach attracted attention when national media channels aired some Telugu channel’s live feed of the official meet where Prime Minister Modi, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and governor of two Telugu states ESL Narasimhan were talking sitting on a sofa.

The high-level meet was strictly restricted. When the TV channels started airing live of the CCTV feed from inside the hotel of the dinner hosted by PM Modi, officials took note of the matter and soon alerted Special Protection Group (SPG).

The SPG soon intervened in the matter and asked Telangana police to immediately stop the live feed.

The senior cops, public relations officers and personal secretaries were quick to contact the concerned television channels and stop the live feed right away.

A probe into the incident revealed that some reporters were allowed by some senior police officers to enter the command control room during the high-profile dinner.

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