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Saudi Arabia – House lords with the Swastik symbol in front of their house will be jailed

An engineer from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh has been working in Saudi Arabia for more than a year. About 15-20 days ago, the engineer had also called his family to Saudi Arabia. Due to their religious belief, the family members made a swastika mark on the gate of their flat. His neighbor, a local Arab man, mistook him for Hitler’s Nazi mark. After this, the local person complained to the police and said that his life is in danger.

Acting on the complaint, the police arrested the engineer from Andhra. The engineer tried to explain a lot that it was not a Nazi symbol but a sacred symbol of Hinduism but the police officers did not agree and put the Indian man in jail.

Muzammil Shaikh, an NRI activist, came forward to help the Indian engineer and explained to the officials, who finally agreed. However, since Saturday and Sunday are holidays, the Indian engineer will have to spend two days in jail without any crime.

Muzammil Sheikh told that this incident happened due to a misunderstanding of culture. We told the officials that the swastika symbol is considered very sacred in Hinduism and is made on the gate of houses for happiness and prosperity. Nais Shaukat Ali from Kerala, who worked for the Indian community in Saudi Arabia, also helped the Indian engineer.

Explain that the Nazi symbol is black in color and there is a white circle around it. The mark itself is slightly inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. The Swastik symbol, on the other hand, is square and is slightly bent straight at the edges and forms a circular shape. Swastik is made in all auspicious works in Hinduism. Whereas the Nazi symbol is considered a symbol of hatred and genocide.

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