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Salman Khan summoned to court for allegedly misbehaving with a

The Andheri Magistrate Court has issued summons to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and his bodyguard in connection with their alleged misbehaviour with a journalist.

The Magistrate court has ordered Salman to appear on April 5 in a case filed by journalist Ashok Pandey in 2019. According to ANI, the actor has been charged under IPC sections 504 (Intentional insult with intent to provoke the breach of peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation).

The journalist, Ashok Pandey, has claimed that he and a cameraperson attempted to photograph Khan while he was cycling in April 2019. The journalist said that he took permission from the bodyguards to film the actor. Pandey alleged that Salaman Khan got angry and asked his bodyguard to thrash him. He further claimed that his phone was also snatched.

The journalist further said that when he went to the DN Nagar police station, his plea was disposed of by the police who said that no offence was made.

“The matter was referred to D N Nagar police station for investigation under section 202 of CrPC (Postponement of issue of the process), the police have informed that the offences under section 504 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code are made out against accused persons,” the magistrate, R R Khan said.

The summons was issued based on “self-speaking material on record, positive police report, and other record information,” according to the magistrate. According to him, the prima facie substance of the allegations in the complaint is sufficient to sustain the claim, and the proceedings are thus valid.

After much delay owing to COVID-19, the court has now started a process in the case. Ashok Pandey said that he is happy that the court has taken cognizance of his complaint.

Meanwhile, the actor has still not been acquitted in the 1998 blackbuck case, which has been ongoing for the last two decades. The case has now been shifted to Rajasthan High court, on the actor’s request. On Monday, the Rajasthan High Court granted permission the two petitions of the case, from Jodhpur District court and Sessions court. According to reports Khan had moved a petition to transfer the these so that all three could be heard at the same place.

By line: Divya Thearia

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