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Ryan Gosling doesn’t want you to watch his Dancing video, read why!

Ryan Gosling reliving his old days, his dance moves will surely blow away your mind.

Ryan Gosling shows off some pretty hippie dance moves in his Academy award winning film “La La Land,” but he was really holding back hip dance moves since his childhood.

Ryan was a member of a dance troupe when he was a kid, and Graham Norton, the host of “The Graham Norton Show,” made him watch some of his early fancy footwork. It was a little shake-worthy for Ryan, but it’s incredibly entertaining for the rest of us!

In the clip, Gosling performs groovy dance steps straight of the early ‘90s. The highlight is the purple-and-silver outfit he’s wearing. The baggy pants and chain really make him look like Elvis Presley of his time!

You can treat your eyes to another clip of Ryan Gosling dancing here –

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