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Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova named in FIR for endorsing housing project in Gurgaon

A Delhi court has ordered an FIR against Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova after a luxury housing project buyer in Gurgaon filed a complaint that the project publicised in the name of tennis star Sharapova never took off.

The court has named Maria Sharapova in the complaint list and has ordered an FIR against her and the companies Homestead Infrastructure Development Private Limited, Homestead Infrastructure Maintenance Private Limited and Homestead Arabic Homes Private and its directors.

In case you missed it:

The Russian Tennis Player is not the only celeb in such a fix. Last year, homebuyers of Amrapali had trolled cricketer M S Dhoni on Twitter for the delays in the completion of the housing project and forced him to quit as the brand ambassador of the Amrapali group.

So, what’s the matter?

Homebuyer Bhawana Agarwal filed a complaint in the Delhi court and said that she was shown that Maria Sharapova had endorsed the residential flats. The brochure of the respondent company shows the proposed tennis academy in the project and commercial space for clothing and sportswear as well.

“The project was to be completed within three years from the first payment in the year 2013, however, the respondent has failed to start any construction or development work even after three years from the date of the booking ie 12th April 2013,” the complaint states.

What’s next?

Sharapova had agreed to have a tennis academy in her name at the proposed project and her role, extent of involvement in the matter and ramifications remain to be seen.

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