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Ukraine🇺🇦 demands ‘immediate withdrawal’ of Russian 🇷🇺 Troops after heavy explosions at KharKiv

By : Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Ukraine 🇺🇦 President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

February 28, 2022 (New Delhi) : On Monday, Ukraine demanded an immediate Russian ceasefire and withdrawal of it’s troops as a Kyiv delegation arrived for talks with Russian negotiators on the fifth day of the Kremlin’s offensive against the country. Also, “The Ukrainian delegation arrived at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border to take part in talks with representatives of the Russian Federation,” the Ukrainian presidency said in a statement.

In Picture: Table where the talks between Ukraine and Russia will be held.

Ukraine Presidency further informed that, “The key issue of the talks is an ‘immediate ceasefire’ and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.” Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have claimed that 5,300 Russian soldiers have been killed in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. On the contrary, Russia claims that Ukraine is using their civilians as a shield against them.

In Picture: Ukraine claims to have killed more than 5300 Russian troops!

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia enters day five today, with a peace talk to take place any time to decide if the war continues or ceasefire immediately. Also, Russian President Putin threatened Ukraine by showing it’s nuclear weapons and claimed to have started practising for Nuclear war.

In Picture: Russian Troops all set to head towards Kyiv.

After five days of War, Russian President, Vladimir Putin ordered defence units to active Nuclear Weapons. It seems like Putin is in frustration after all efforts to invade “Kyiv” went futile. In evening on fifth day, Russian military activates it’s nuclear weapons and on high alert. Inputs came from Ukraine about hundreds of people leaving Kyiv after Russia ordered civilians to flee immediately. Contrary to this, NATO extended their help to Ukraine in the moment of Crisis.

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