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Russia bans 54 UK nationals from entering Moscow: Know Why

Russia on Friday announced new sanctions on the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor and UK ministers. In fact, the ICC prosecutor demanded the arrest of President Vladimir Putin and UK ministers opposed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so this action was taken. Russia’s official news agency Tass (TASS) gave this information. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Moscow has also expanded its sanctions list by barring 54 UK nationals from entering Russia as a retaliatory measure.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said, in response to London’s aggressive implementation of a hostile anti-Russian policy, including the active use of the unilateral sanctions mechanism, in relation to our citizens and domestic economic operators, UK political circles, power structures, the professional legal community and media organizations (total It was decided to expand Russia’s sanctions list by including representatives of 54 persons).

According to the Foreign Office, the list now includes Britain’s Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Fraser. Lucy is promoting a campaign to separate Russia from international sport. According to media reports, other British nationals on the sanctions list include journalists from BBC, Guardian Media Group and Daily Telegraph, ICC prosecutor Karim Khan. Karim Khan was involved in issuing an arrest warrant for Putin.

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